HKU Health System


HKU Health System (HKUHS) is the umbrella executive arm overseeing and supporting the LKS Faculty of Medicine's clinical enterprises. Our objectives are:

  1. To expand our patient base and diversify our clinical settings for meeting the increasing need for clinical placements of students and providing research opportunities in years to come.
  2. To assure proper clinical governance and exercise effective oversight of our affiliate teaching hospitals and direct clinical service units.
  3. To act as a central liaison platform with our clinical partners.
  4. To act as a branding focal point for the Faculty's clinical activities and associated teaching and research.

Established in 2015, HKU Health System has now firmly established itself as the overarching governance platform for relations with our affiliated teaching hospitals and oversees the Faculty’s entire clinical affairs, as a one-stop service in our integrated approach to engaging with clinical staff, healthcare organisations and patients